My house value has gone down from $615,000 to under $500,000. I tried to have them rework my payments in February and they refused. In order to get them to talk to me, I stopped making payments.

They filed a notice of default last week. I called when I did not get a copy withing 10 days as required by law. They told me to call their attorneys. I told them they were responsible for making sure that their attorneys followed the law, not me. Had to talk to a supervisor to get anything done.

I also asked about a short pay. They said they would do a short sale, but not a short pay. Even if the short pay is more than the short sale amount.

I asked of they were going to go along with the new law that was going to be passed. They said only if it was mandatory for them to do it.

Seems like all they are interested in is having me lose the home, instead of being interested in getting the most money for their investors.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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and its our fault you fall 5 -10 pmnts behind if the market would have gone up would call us and tell us hey we are goin to pay more because its worth more ??

Pekin, Indiana, United States #72393

I know that you feel shortchanged by the company that gave you the loan; however, at the end of the day you agreed to borrow $615,000 for something that was not worth $615,000. If I borrow $1 from you to buy a newspaper and then can only resell it for 25 cents who should absorb the loss?

They gave you money using the home as collateral – if you are unable to pay the money you legally promised to pay they have the right to foreclose. If you have been paying faithfully and they’re trying to foreclose you would have an argument but as it is it sounds like you made a bad decision and now you’re suffering the consequences.


what is a short sale and short pay

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #32057

what is the new law that is being passed?

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