I fully agree with all of the other complaints on the website. We have been trying to get out of a 5-yr arm and get a regular home loan.

Aurora give nothing but a big run-around by asking over and over again for the same information. We sent them what they asked for several times by faxing it to them, and still it is always "in review", and we never get the help we so desperately need. How can a company stay in business when they don't even help anyone that needs it. They seem to be out there just for themselves.

I think they are just a bunch of crooks that when they have you in their grip, they keep you there to suffer!!!

I went on their webste a few days ago and filled out a profile, and asked them by a brief letter to see what they could do for us....I have yet to receive a letter, phone call, or e-mail confirming that they received something from me! What a rip-off!

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This confirms my thought. Aurora loan really wants you to just foreclose on your home.

Otherwise, why would they keep giving all us the run around. This should be illegal and I am pissed that the government has bailed out banks and let us rot in their deception. This is unfair and I intend to fight!

Please share any information you have on the deceptive practices of Aurora Loan Services.

Thank you!


Good Luck on you loan modification. We lost my home almost 2yrs ago because they did not approve mine because I had 2 loans and they said the lenders would not approve it and even the person I spoke with pretty much suggested that I should just foreclose. I hope you will get your modification.


A Federal class action suit was filed on 8/18/10 against Aurora for fraud.



Office: (212)709 8141

Hours of Operaton: Mon- Fri 8-6pm

Email: docservices@hotmail.com


You'll have better success trying to get the devil to become good than getting a loan modifcation with Aurora Loan Services. Sue them NOW!! There is probably major fraud in you loan that you don't even know about. They *WANT* to foreclose your property. We have to stop believing the lies. I know, it feels good to believe the lies, but it will burn you very badly. They WANT to foreclose your home. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but the truth is that they do NOT lose when they foreclose. That's the myth. The best time to sue is BEFORE you ever default.

I have way more information that will blow your mind!


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