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aurora loans are trying to sue me for not having home owners insurance.i had home owners insurance until they illegally evicted me out of the house they said i abandoned.people they are going to keep coming after you for stuff they know you have taken care of.they are always going to be doing something crooked behind your back. don't believe what they say they are lying to you.there's no money in modifying your home there's money in taking and reselling your home.there out to make you just walk away dont get an attorney and fight dont let them just get away with this mess.

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Hey mark u and aurora loans your company is sad and isn't worth my time.say what you must but people know how the company is...


Mark can u say lawsuit against aurora loans....


Mark u are part of aurora loans stay in your place...


You agreed to it when you signed the loan. Live up to your responsibilities slacker.


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yes get a attorney also call the feds

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