Last year I was in foreclosure because I was one month behind and the second month I sent the payment in on the 3rd of August and they told me that they sent it back.

I hadn't received the payment back and was already receiving the foreclosure package. If they wouldn't have sent the payment back I would have been okay. $3,ooo plus later they took me out of foreclosure but what they did is tell me that they included my taxes and insurance into my payments and that my payments would be $2,400.00 a month plus my second mortgage which is $437.00.

So I am paying $2,837.00 to live in the ghetto. Because I do live in a bad neighborhood. Ladies and gents when I was renting I found a house that had a pool jacuzzi 3 bed two baths, two car garage for $2400.00. I would be livin in style. We have termites the roof is leaking almost in every room. The inspection of the house was fake. It didn't have an attic or insulation. The windows are old and air gets out.

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Leeds, England, United Kingdom #1355

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