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I too lost my home to Aurora's practices. I was on a repayment schedule when I had a Heart attack and I was in the hospital I was contacted be a representative telling me she needed some more information.

I told her of my dilemma and she said "if that's how you are going to handle this then we have no other choice" and then she hung up. Now I was just out of surgery and was a little groggy. that was on my birthday May 29. When I got home I called with nobody able to help me.

Now I was current on my repayment schedule so I just disregarded the phone call. I had always overnight a cashier's check since January and sent it by Fed-Ex so I had good documentation. Much to my surprise on August 15 or so I got a notice taped to the door saying my home had been sold. I flipped out and got on the phone.

For days we went back and forth. Much to my surprise not only was I current on payments I found out that I was one payment ahead. It seems when we got our agreement in place I sent them the payment immediately when I found out it wasn't due for 30 days.Now I'm really pissed with that information.

Well after all the smoke cleared of course they could do nothing but send my over payment back.(which they did) So I lost a home I raised a family in for 20 years due to someone who thought I was lying to her on the phone about my heart attack and because they needed more paperwork not money paperwork don't you think that they could have sent someone out to assist in getting whatever they needed instead of such drastic measures. Ron Ricci602-882-2590ricci1@cox.net

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The letter they sent you seems pretty straight forward. At no point does it look like you were current with the loan.

I'm not sure what you are complaining about. If you truly had your home taken from you while you were current with $0 in arrears, you would be one of the first and you should run to every news outlet possible.

They will definitely air that story if true.

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