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I never missed a payment. I called to make a pmnt.over the phone and was told that since i was on unemployment that i was eligible for Obamas new program keeping homes affordable.

So i listened to the lady and told her no at first since i was going back to work in a week or so. Then she told me that it would be a good program for me and they would cut my half for 5 yrs. And the other half of the pmnt. and taxes and insurance would be added to the end of the loan.

So i thought about it and had them send me the info. I work construction ( Build highways ) and the housing market and work were getting slow i did the paperwork and sent it back. To make a long story short... I made all my payments for 14 months...on time...

and they told me in October of 09 my payment wasgoing up from $700 to $1800. I paid it and asked to speak tosomeone but was told i would be contacted. But wasnt. The next month when i called to make the pmnt.....they told me that they wouldn't take it.

This was November of 09. They said i had 3 options pay $25000...short sale or forclosure. Then they called me in December of 09 and asked if i wanted to keep my house....i said of yes....then they told me that i didnt make the previous months pmnt so there was nothing they could do. Welll a week later i got a forclosure notice that stated my house was foreclosed on and i had 2 weeks to vacate.

They sold my jouse on the county court house steps the first week of January 2011. I lived there for 16 years. These people are thieves. At the time i was so devastated and embarrassed all i could do is move on.

Not to mention that they ruined my credit. I had an 800+ score then and after this i had to get a cosigner just to rent an apt. I hope karma has its way with them.

Thanks for listening and i wish you all better days. Stay away from Aurora.

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