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After a two year battle with trying to get Aurora Loans to give me a loan modification, I finally lost my property to an illegal auction that Aurora did Friday, December 2, 2011. We had them on numerous counts of deceptive loans practices and would have been able to win in Boston Superior Court. Aurora's attorney, however, immediately pulled the case out of Superior and bumped it up to the U.S. District Court. The judge in that court, Judge Sterns, did not even let my attorney present a our discoveries against Aurora. The judge also openly admitted that he disagreed with some of the recent rulings against the banks. The judge blatantly ruled in Aurora Loans favor to foreclose on me even though they did not have the proper documents and note in place. I found out through other attorneys that it is very common for U.S. District judges to rule in the banks favor. This is why many of the banks are bumping their cases out of Superior Court to U.S. courts.

So far this ordeal has been very draining and costly, over 10,000 in legal fees, not to mention that Aurora loans misled me into paying them $9,000 for a loan mod that never would happen. Right after I sent them my last $3,000 forbearance payment agreement (all three payments of $ 3,000 were done on time as per agreement), they sent out another auction notice on my property. The forbearance agreement payments are a scam to suck more money out of you right before they foreclose your property.

To add insult to injury, when they auctioned my property, they sold it way below market appraised value.

(About a $100,000 below market value). Also, they added over $20,000 in "fees" for administrative/legal

costs to foreclose on my property. When I tried to refinance my property with another company, I was declined because Aurora Loans turned my $ 352,000 into a $405,000 loan and this is after I already paid them $9,000 during the forbearance agreement. After Aurora Loans gooched the amount of the loan up so high, no investor would refinance me, resulting in certain foreclosure. The final blow in this horrible ordeal, is now, Aurora has come to my attorney and told him that they plan on suing me for the loan deficiency, which is over $100,000 dollars, because they sold the property for 50% of it's true value. Now I am faced with more legal fees to counter sue Aurora to offset their lawsuit against me. And guess who the judge will be for the lawsuit case? The same judge who ruled against us on the foreclosure, the pro-bank judge, Judge Sterns.

How can anyone really win against the banks when even the U.S. district judges are going to be ruling in the banks favor? I wonder what percentage of cases against banks win in U.S. District courts?

If you have any advice or similar experiences, please share them with me or people on this site.

Review about: Aurora Loan Services Loan Modification.

Monetary Loss: $590.

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You didn't pay your mortgage. You got foreclosed on.

Glendale, California, United States #676617

Aurora rob my house in 2010, I believe they are the worst lender in US history, giving me all of the hope and at last foreclose my house for 1/3 of the true value of the property. I worked with them for the modification plan for a year, but at last they sold it for $70K for a house worth of $300K


Aurora foreclosed on my property in the midst of a short sale and ultimately sold the property for $200k less than my purchase price and $100k less tan the short sale offer. I also suspect my loan was a part of the "robo-signing" scam perpetrated by Atty Stern, Aurora's former foreclosure attorney. My case is now under review by :cry


My mortgage was recently sold to Auroa Loans. What a nightmare!!

They have tried to raise my monthly mortgage by $300.00 a month even though I have a fixed mortgage. They claim I did not pay enough in my escrow account. Well of course not when I found out that they not only paid my property taxes but three other properties (Which I do not own) and two not even in the same county as my current property--out of my escrow account!! I have tried for three months to get them to correct this!

I have been making higher mortgage payments until they can straighten this out!!

This should not be legal!! I have already contacted an attorney.


I got my foreclosure case dismissed with Aurora because they refused to speak with me during mediation because I didn't have an attorney and they filed an impasse. Then the judge ordered them to pay for & conduct another mediation, and they failed to comply again.

If you go to ssuzy990 on youtube, you will see the video where I speak about my foreclosure at Florida's state capital in Tallahassee.

Good luck to all of you, Aurora is by FAR the worst company I could ever imagine working with!! They ruined my credit after I paid off half my mortgage!


Has anyone ever got a rewrite or mod from aurora. Anyone in Mn?


I am so sorry for your situation. I too have had such aggravation with Aurora.

They are horrible to work with and have no intention of giving anyone a loan mod.

I tried 3 times (2 times in a row because they asked for more information and then claimed I was past the 30 days for sending it back - I didn't even get it in time to send it back in time). They are the worst!


Aurora did exactly the same thing to me and my family, I am presently seeking methods to make the courts aware of this illegal action taken by this lender1


We lost so much to Aurora Loan Services too. Our house was in Nevada and forecloses upon more than a year ago.

I believe Aurora L.S. should be held by courts of Raceteering. They should not be making money off of people and even shorting the investor who holds the loan too.

We lost over $100,000.

My heart goes out to you. I hope that someday soon Aurora Loan Services will be held accountable in court and required to pay back all the cheating they have done.


Your best course of action now, tho you may not want to take it, is to file a bankruptcy.

A bk will wipe out the deficiency.

Loan mods are hardly ever granted; a short sale is the best way to go, but it's way past that.


aurora loans is ruthless,what's left of the lehman collapse. don't ever give up. that title is clouded.

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