We have been passed from on company to another.here is the kicker it's the same company but different names but the same number. Humm mm makes you think hun?

Every time we talked with someone to clear up early everything when you call back someone said something different. No one evens check their so called notes....really? What the *** are you all doing! I have done plenty of business with different companies and never have they ever conduct like this.

They are no real business just based out of their house.SMH.We will continue to work with them because we have been this far and we will continue till the end.as the bible says....treat the devil with kindness. ....don't let them win you have to much money invested in this! !! Never give up your dreams if you are with them continue to work with them.

Ifnot walk away and look elsewhere this is a headache you will never want.i hope this information will or has helped you.

....will continue with updates through out the year. ....

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