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Are you a victim of Aurora's predatory lending?

Our real estate law firm is preparing to file a class action lawsuit against aurora after one of our client lost her home without any notice while in review for a modification.

If your siutation is similiar or if aurora asked that you fall behind on payments to qualify and then sold your home, please contact me at to discuss moving forward. Our office is located in northern california and we will need you to come speak with the attorney in regards to joining the class action.

Thank you

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Forward this to everyone:

A Federal class action suit was filed on 8/18/10 against Aurora for fraud.



Office: (212)709 8141

Hours of Operaton: Mon- Fri 8-6pm



I too am on my 2nd "workout plan" with Aurora. Please send info to me so that I may file a claim too. Thanks



please e mail me a phone # where you can be reached as my wife and i and 4 kids are loosing house trying to refinance for over 2 years and aurora has lost paperwork umpteen times. please help.............


I've owned this property for several years and although it was in great position I moved out and decided to keep it as a rental. Until the inevitable happened,, the market crashed so did the mortgage loan balance...

since then had the property as a rental, but renting as a minimum. Had several conversations w/ Aurora to refi before the Obama law but No help or assistance. Several personal situtions have contributed forced me to talked to auraora over and over on to do the Modification. although I've sent out and even received a call one time of approval, was denied again for the 4th time.

Last time, 5th, I was asked to submit all paper work form IRS for past 3 years back and forth print out , request never asked before.

Just yesterday had a conversation w an officer. new solution, have property for short sale, give back property to aurora or foreclosure..

of course the assistance on modification to help me keep the property was mentioned if I stop making payments. I guess I would like to keep the property with some help without having to stop making payments , but apparently helping owners on good faith is not one of the priorities for Aurora Loans


if this is a real potential suit why do you not identify who you are as a law firm?


Do you provide SPV audits? What about violations that may be in my mortgage that are not in the rest of the class? How will those be adjudicated, in a separate suit?

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