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On May 16th the Superior Court of San Francisco made a LANDMARK decision in our case against Aurora Loan Services. After yet another summary judgment hearing where Aurora was trying to have our case dismissed for lack of evidence, the judge decided that indeed we did have enough trialable evidence against Aurora and ruled against them on the summary judgment allowing our case to go to a JURY trial in San Francisco.

We filed suit against Aurora over 3 years ago for misrepresentation and fraud in the handling of our loan modification. They have tried to wear us down and tell us we did not have a valid case against them. BUT, on May 16th the judge finally agreed and the trial date is set for June 17th. This is a LANDMARK ruling for the victims of Aurora Loan Services.

We will finally get our day in court to show how they have lied and blatantly misled THOUSANDS of homeowners who tried to get a loan modification. They were fined by the federal government for the way the misled, lied and mislead homeowners. It has cost us a great amount of money to get to trial and a untold pain and suffering, but we are finally going to get our day in court in front of a jury. This is BAD news for Aurora and they know it.

Now that the court has opened the door many more cases will be able to make it to trial without all the time and money that it has taken us. They didn’t think we could afford to go to go the distance and that we would cave. They were wrong and we have proven we could afford it. We persevered.

With all our evidence we will prevail and WIN our trial by jury.

It has been a LONG HARD FIGHT and it is finally going to pay off for everyone. Stay Tuned !!!

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