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Today the Superior Court in San Francisco ruled against Aurora Loan Services request for a summary judgement and is allowing my case against Aurora to go to a jury trial for misrepresentation and fraud. The trial is June 17th.

It has been a VERY long and tough battle but we are FINALLY going to get our day in court at a JURY trial. This landmark ruling will open the door for many others to follow and get their day in court as well.

It has been a very expensive fight but my attorney has persevered and today it all paid off. Just to see the look on their attorney's faces when the judge ruled against them was priceless.

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Wiscasset, Maine, United States #747780

Hello my name is Jason Warlick and I live in Maine. I'm not sure if I am to late to be part of the class action suit against Aurora llc.

I received a 3000 dollar check in the mail today ref my aurora mortgage. I too was preyed upon by the company in 2009-2010. I was told I had to be 90 days behind before they would modify me. I went 90 days behind and imagine that I went through 4 complete loan modifications and was denied all four times.

I paid them 12 months at 2253.00 a month. and they foreclosed and I lost my house. The house I built with my bare hands, Where my daughter was born, and where we called home. To add insult to injury they would send me a denial letter before they even received my paperwork for the modification.

But you better believe they took my money. all in all I spent $28.000 in fees with nothing to show for it. Plus by the time the 90 days was up I was almost 8000.00 in the hole with late fees ect. The told me they could not help me because I was to far behind.

I could call and speak to 3 different people on the same day and get 3 different answers to the same question. Any advice? I know I am not the only one in Maine.

Am I too late? The check says if I cash it, it does not prevent me from any legal action against Aurora

Mesa, Arizona, United States #652872

My blog is and I would be SO VERY interested in any and all help you could give me in your fight against Aurora!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

you can contact me via my page if you will PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE

Thank you!!

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