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Well Aurora Loan Service Purchased my loan from Wilshire Credit. Neither of the companies notified me of the transfer. In the meantime money kept on going to Wilshire. I finally got a forclosure notice in the mail July 2005. Wilshire did not transfer the money to Aurora loan service. So now i had to go through a hurricane two months later. Struggling trying to get back home to see if i had a home. Meantime Aurora Loan Service tryed to forclose on my home. The money i did manage to get during the hurricane i had to give to Aurora Loan Service so they would not take my home. No home repairs got done needless to say. I tryed on several several times to send them personal checks for the exact amount on the coupon they send me . They send it back stating it is not the right amount. I did contact an attorney this past week to get this matter cleared up. They are a predator mortage company.

I only owe 21,000 on my home and it is valued at alot more. So they figure if they forclose on my home they can sell it for alot more than what i owe. over my dying dead body will they do that. I will sell the house straight up first before i let those predators take my home. I am waiting for the lawyer to get back with me this week to send a letter to Aurora loan service to clear up this matter. I recommend no one take out a loan with Aurora Loan Service at this time or try to refinance with them. No customer service tryed to call many many times they never answer the phones. They have 4 different addresses and if you type in the scottsbluff, ne address. Guess what it does not even show Aurora Loan Service, LLC. If anyone is having the same trouble with Aurora Loan Service, LLC spread the word. I can't be the only one having trouble with the same people.

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