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At first they said we can apply for loan modification. So we did. Then they denied the application after 2 months. Until we decided to do a short sale. They were paid but Aurora loans reported us to the credit bureau as foreclosure. So were is the money? I've been trying to get a hold of them but no luck. I would also like to file a complaint against them.

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I was living in wolfeboro New Hampshire I filed for a loan modification never got any answers from Aurora I came home from Florida visiting my husband who had a cardiac arrest and tumor removed at Mount Sinai Hospital when I arrived home my doors were padlocked shut windows were broke they made my property look abandoned trashed the inside I called the number on the door which was a law firm they sent two strong arm guys to intimidate me which... Read more

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We have been passed from on company to is the kicker it's the same company but different names but the same number. Humm mm makes you think hun? Every time we talked with someone to clear up early everything when you call back someone said something different. No one evens check their so called notes....really? What the *** are you all doing! I have done plenty of business with different companies and never have they ever conduct... Read more

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On May 16th the Superior Court of San Francisco made a LANDMARK decision in our case against Aurora Loan Services. After yet another summary judgment hearing where Aurora was trying to have our case dismissed for lack of evidence, the judge decided that indeed we did have enough trialable evidence against Aurora and ruled against them on the summary judgment allowing our case to go to a JURY trial in San Francisco. We filed suit against Aurora... Read more

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Today the Superior Court in San Francisco ruled against Aurora Loan Services request for a summary judgement and is allowing my case against Aurora to go to a jury trial for misrepresentation and fraud. The trial is June 17th. It has been a VERY long and tough battle but we are FINALLY going to get our day in court at a JURY trial. This landmark ruling will open the door for many others to follow and get their day in court as well. It has... Read more

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After much papaperwork, lost by bank , or not received, or not complete, or fax not received , and everything re submitted again and again.And three months went by and had to do it all over again, and again, and again.My income was never enough, even though I knew I could afford the payment. At beginning they stopped me from making payments, and this went on forever.They took my home , which I did not owe that much on, in Jan.2013. Loan had... Read more

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We applied for a loan modification w/ them and were told the process would take from 60 to 90 days. We were in constant communication with them for 9 months in which they told us it was taking more than usual because of high influx of applications, but not to worry because everything was in order. A week later I received a foreclosure notice, which stated the if I did not send them the temporary balance of the modified amount of almost seven... Read more

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I too lost my home to Aurora's practices. I was on a repayment schedule when I had a Heart attack and I was in the hospital I was contacted be a representative telling me she needed some more information. I told her of my dilemma and she said "if that's how you are going to handle this then we have no other choice" and then she hung up. Now I was just out of surgery and was a little groggy. that was on my birthday May 29. When I got home... Read more

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My story is just like the others, I had the blessing of a friend to help out on the foreclosure and it never happened. Aurora Loan gave me a "repayment" choice that would save my home, the payment they were expecting from me to save my home was three times the amount of the orginal loan payment. I was having trouble making that payment, where was I suppose to come up with the rest? I called them and talked to a different person everytime... Read more

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Hello all, Check out what Neil Garfield on youtube says about these folks. The fraud you are experiencing is just a small part of the bigger fraud. These guys have in some cases taken out 10-30 insurance policies on your house, if you go into defual for their reason or becuase a real reason they can make like 9 million off of a 500k mortgage, then they ask to be bailed out so the tax payer gets screwed on this. The politicians are in on it,... Read more

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